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About company

The synergy of knowledge!

The motivation to create the company was the desire to offer engineering services for industry. Nowadays there is a noticeable trend of increasing specialisation of individuals and companies. We try to break this trend by offering engineering support in many fields: automation, programming, mechanics, electronics and related disciplines. Thanks to the synergy of areas of expertise we are able to offer efficient and complex solutions adressed to the industry demands. We are active in the field of industrial automation since 2014, constantly expanding our knowledge and acquiring new skills.

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Discover our areas of expertise

SASZTRONIC provides complex services for industry thanks to extensive knowledge and experience in broadly defined field of mechatronics. We are able to fully accomplish the project, from the solution and its design to its implementation in the place of operation.

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  • Creation of control algorihtms
  • Control object analasis
  • Symulation and tuning of the regulators
  • Programming
    • Java
    • C/C++
    • Python
  • Linux
  • Installation of the machines delivered by the manufacturer
  • Design of mechanical constructions
  • Maintance and repair of mechanical devices
  • Electronic circuts design
  • Preparation of electronic circuts for production
  • PCB design
  • Maintance and repair of electronic devices
  • Design and startup of dedicated controllers
  • Creation of measuring systems
  • Data logging
  • IOT
  • Materials strength calculations
  • 3D printing
  • Design of automation components
  • Proccess automation
  • Maintance and commisioning of industry machines
  • PLC programming
    • OMRON
    • Siemens
    • Mitsubishi
    • other
  • uC programming
    • Microchip/AVR
    • ARM
  • ...and much more

What distinguishes us

Complex problem solving

The accomplishment of different projects is possible thanks to our virtues.


In every project we try to throughly analyse all the possibile solutions and their effects, we do not act rashly.

Work under time pressure

We are used to work under time pressure. At the same time we pay attention not to drop quality.

Sharing knowledge

Each our movement can be fully explained and justified. We treat our clients as partners.

Safety and security

Safety and seciurity of our installations and projects is our priority.

Experience in industry

We have been cooperating with industry for a few years already, we have experience and knowledge in the organisation of work and procedures in different factories.

Knowledge of new technologies

We follow the novelties on the market and we eagerly implement them in our projects.

Cooperation with other companies

Thanks to the broad network of contacts with other, both local and foreign, companies, the scope of possible services extends beyond our capabilities.


We provide complex trainings in the field of our area of expertise as well as those concerning the devices and machines we are installing.

Mechanical assembly

Apart from full engineering understanding we are not afraid of hard physical work and perform all the mechanical assemblies and repairs.


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We like challenges and we are eager to support you in most complex problems. +48 692 784 407

Where we stay

Łódź, Poland